About Us

Company Profile & History

Phoenix Contractors Inc is a family run corporation specializing in many phases of construction. When Francis Phoenix began operating in the early 70’s it was as a clearing contractor. By the late 70’s the one-man operation had expanded into a multifaceted business specializing in street and road construction. This remains the central focus of the operation.

During the late 70’s and early 80’s we continued to expand into public works projects, land fill operations, and all phases of concrete and paving work as well as dirt and drainage work. At that time a separate waste collection and disposal company was formed, and ultimately sold to Waste Management.

In the early 90’s Phoenix Contractors Inc was incorporated to encompass all phases of the operations and to allow for expansion and the expertise of the next generation. This led to larger and more detailed municipal contracts as well as a venture into the railroad maintenance and railroad construction areas. This exposure to railroad operations throughout Virginia spurred growth into the areas of heavy equipment operations in response to derailments and storm damage.

Within the last 6 years we have expanded our concrete expertise into the area of foundations on both single and multi story buildings. This has provided us with the capacity to submit a more comprehensive bid, which can encompass the installation and completion of all dirt work, drainage, parking, sidewalks, and foundations on a particular site. This expertise makes us one of the most reliable and cost effective contractors in our field.

The turn of the century has brought with it a chance for the Phoenix Contractors family to expand our Storm Debris Removal Operations. in conjunction with our Team Partners we have the expertise, experience, and equipment that allows us to be able to provide a comprehensive package for any storm debris removal request with in a short period of time. We are available 24 hours a day and can mobilize rapidly and efficiently.

We employ the most talented people in our fields and provide hands on supervision of all our projects. As a family owned business it is our goal to continue to expand our operations and to provide the best service to our customers in all areas of our operations.